Zoi & Samer

Zoi & Samer

"My Best Friend’s Wedding"

As the sun rose on a beautiful July morning, the stage was being set for the most important wedding I have ever designed, my best friend’s. Married in a church in her hometown, Zoi was joined by her Greek family, whilst Samer's relatives flew in from their native Sweden. Zoi issued a rather rustic creative brief which beautifully combined natural materials, including hessian, wood, cork, olive branches and over 40 kilos of lemons.

The ceremony was held at a church in Rodopoli, Serres. The beautiful bride wore a full white dress whilst the groom opted for navy. And as they left the church for the reception, you could definitely feel the love in the air as the guest showered them with rice. The evening reception was held outdoors, with candlelight and moonlight bringing additional romance. This was a very special wedding for me; I laughed and cried a little harder than normal. It was the perfect day and I will be ever grateful that I played such a big part

Favourite Bit? It was my best friend’s wedding and I enjoyed every minute!

Photography: P2 Photography