Mayra & Philippos

Mayra & Philippos

"Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude"

As a wedding planner and designer, I work with a lot of different colour palettes. However, when Mayra and Phillipos told me they wanted a neutral grey popped with powerful pink, I got really excited. The ceremony was booked at a Greek Orthodox Church in Thessaloniki. And for a building so ornate, the walkway to the entrance door needed to be fittingly elaborate. Two rows of buxus tree created a romantic walkway, accented by soft candlelight and strewn pink rose petals. The wedding party was predominately Greek, but we were also welcoming 10 people from Mayra’s native Brazil. Therefore the couple was keen to showcase the best of the beautiful Greek coastline and opted for an atmospheric outdoor reception at Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

As a wedding designer, I was challenged with enhancing an already naturally beautiful setting, without overpowering the space with fuss. I opted for a clean and contemporary approach to the outdoor tables, with pretty centrepieces and soft light. The parred back appearance served to maximise the evening celebrations with fireworks over the sea and a pink wash of colour over the terrace.

Personal Highlights: The Candy Bar, filled with truly scrumptious treats and pretty decoration.

Photography: Photography Studio Iosifina