Iwena & Giannis

Iwena & Giannis

“Welcome to Greece…”

As a wedding planner and designer, it is always a privilege to welcome people from abroad to our beautiful country. It is also a fine balance between honouring Greek wedding traditions and acknowledging the origins of the bride and groom. Iwena and Giannis came to me twelve months before their loved filled day. Getting married in the groom’s hometown of Xanthi, the wedding party would be made up of 330 guests from Greece and a further 20 from Indonesia, the bride’s birthplace.

The date was set for April 2015 and the creative brief was clear. The vibe should boast a rustic flair, a careful blend of simplistic handcrafted decorations including wooden cake stands, hand-tied lavender and laced dressed jam jars. The wedding ceremony was held at the Cathedral Church of Xanthi and the entrance steps lined with flowers and candles. Due to cooler spring temperatures, the reception was held indoors. Timeless white cloths and seat covers contrasted the darker hues of pink and purple flower centrepieces.

Best Idea: Welcoming our friends from Indonesia by naming the tables after islands local to their nation.

Photography: 3fklik